About RicoBel

About RicoBel

RicoBel Noriko Oseko

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was in Europe (Belgium). I spent about 18 years in developing various businesses in Belgium and returned to Japan in the end of 2017. I am also the world-wide exclusive licensor of the French children book’s author/illustrator Alain Gree.
The relaxation (healing salon) service was started as a service for clients when I ran Bed and Breakfast in Gent (Belgium), learned from a local teacher and I also continued learning “aromatherapy” from UK. I was also featured in Belgian / Dutch magazine Libelle.
I  worked with Japanese TV crew several times and I appeared in two Japanese TV programs (both were 1 hour program) as a guide in Gent.
In 2016 I started coaching and have been active as a personal coach and business consultant as I was busy with import-export kawaii goods between Europe and Japan. Now the Lymph Drainage treatment is also combined with Usui Reiki as I studied from my teacher and Cartomancy (Lenormand cards and Oracle cards) is also available.

Lymph drainage (Lympho-Dynamique), face massage (Japanse gezichtsmassage), aromatherapy (S.A.C.Dip.)

CTI application completed (acquired in Japan and the Netherlands), Life Coaching (USA), stress management, PHP listening course completed

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Divination with Compassion

I have been studying psychology, philosophy, spiritual and self-development for a long time and I also experienced a session with a medium from UK’s famous association. I’ve tried everything I could from my study. Spiritual things are invisible therefore it’s natural that if you don’t believe in it or you cannot know if you could believe in it.

I will ask you how you feel about spiritual and invisible things when you make a reservation, and I will read the card according to your answer. To those who believe in spiritual things, I will share what I know about the world, and to those who cannot believe, I will talk about what is visible.

I’m also a personal coach so if you want practical advice, I’ll tell you exactly how to make an action. I have the skills to listening stories professionally.

Mysteriously, what’s in our mind and the situation around us appear on the cards. I always stay close to you and listen to your problems, troubles or concerns which you cannot talk to your family or friends. I always make sure that you feel safe to speak about anything you have in their mind. I promise to do my very best all the time so that I can provide you a solid value for the time and money which you spend.

I also promise not to scare you or make you feel anxious about your future. If there is a negative card shows up for the future, then I’d look “how can we avoid this situation?”, so that you can know what to do or what not to do. In addition, not all negative cards mean bad. You can have my card-readings with with confidence because there is only a positivity in your future and I’m sure that you will feel lightened and filled with positive energy after the reading.


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