Lymph Drainage and Aromatherapy

What is Lymph Drainage?

The Lymph Drainage (Le drainage lymphatique) began in France in the 1930s. About 60% of our body is made of water, and the important lymph goes along with blood and interstitial fluid, spread throughout our body via lymphatic vessels.

Lymph transports fluid (interstitial fluid) that could not be returned to the veins together with waste substances, and flows slowly, checking for viruses in the body. In the lymph nodes, lymphocytes also stop the entry of harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses. Lymph, which maintains our health, regulates water, collects waste products, and returns nutrients from blood vessels to blood vessels.

However, the flow is easily blocked by fatigue, cold and stress.

Blood is pumped by the heart and pumped through the body, but lymph has no pump. It flows through the body very slowly, using muscle contractions, movement of blood vessels flowing by the lymph vessels, and deep breathing.

Lymphatic vessels are thin and flow slowly, so even a little tension can disrupt the flow. Muscle tension, stiffness, stress, coldness, and fatigue can also slow lymph flow. The accumulation of excess waste and moisture in the body not only has a health effect, it can also lead to swelling and gaining weight, which has a negative effect on beauty. Lymph drainage solves these various problems.


What kind of massage is lymph drainage?

Lymph flows slowly beneath the skin, so gently massaging it along the lymph flow can help it flow. If you apply force and stimulate it, it will slow down the lymph flow and have the opposite effect. It is a massage that is performed mainly using the palm to make it gentle, so it is very comfortable and also features a large relaxing effect.

I use a massage technique called Lympho-Dynamique. It is the result of a combination of lymph drainage and California massage, which has particular benefits in promoting blood circulation.

What is the effect of lymph drainage?

By stimulating the lymph flow, various effects can be expected.

Remove swelling
Stiff shoulder reduction
Improve skin tone
Relieve cold
Improve immunity
Detox effect (toxin discharge)
Anti-stress, relaxation effect
Fatigue recovery
Improve sleep quality
Cellulite reduction
Diet effect
Slack improvement
Improve constitution
To become more fit / tight 
Proper blood circulation

Aromatherapy effects

We naturally have self-healing power. When the healing power is weakened due to stress, worries, fatigue, etc., it is the aromatherapy that improves the healing power and immunity by benefiting from natural plants.

The scent reaches directly into our brain (the limbic system that controls our instinct) and stimulates the parts that control the autonomic nervous system (hypothalamus) that are working hard so that we can live healthy. Pleasant scents have a positive effect on both mind and body.

Aromatherapy is absorbed not only from smelling but also from the skin if essential oil (aroma oil) is mixed with massage oil, improving natural healing power and immunity.

[Would you like to…? ]

relieve stress
eliminate anxiety
sleep better
be healed
cure stiff shoulders
cure menopause
cure headache
cure constipation etc.

We select essential oils depending on your mood and symptoms.

The Oils are 100% Natural and High-Quality


The massage oils I use are 100% natural, so it is safe and secured. Carry oil (base massage oil) is also highly nutritious and it is helpful to moist your skin.

The oils don’t contain preservatives, petroleum surfactants, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils, or synthetic pigments, and they are highly moisturizing and suitable for children and sensitive skin as well.

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