Contraindications and notes

Please read this page before aroma massage, lymph drainage reservation.

If any of the following apply, it will not be possible to make an appointment because it may worsen your medical or physical condition.

1. Thrombosis
2. Heart disease
3. Infectious disease, infectious disease
4. Malignant disease
5. Kidney disease
6. Blood pressure abnormal
7. Atherosclerosis
8. Skin inflammation (eg athlete’s foot)
9. Big injury, sprain
10. Vascular disease
11. Blood and lymphatic diseases
12. Brain disorders
13. Severe osteoporosis
14. Tantrum, asthma
15. High fever
16. Extreme fatigue
17. Pregnant
18. During menstruation (when menstrual blood is heavy)
19. Within 30 minutes after meal
20. After drinking
21. Being consulted by a doctor

If any of the following apply, please let us know when you make a reservation

1. Allergic
2. Your skin has been roughened by oil in the past
3. Weak skin
4. If you have a chronic disease
5. You have broken a bone in the past
6. Big surgery in the past
7. Injuries or sprains

[Healing Reaction]

Very rarely after treatment, a positive response may occur. This is a temporary symptom that occurs when the body is about to heal, and varies from person to person.

Strong drowsiness, pain felt worse, mild fever, diarrhea, irritation, tears, etc.

Please don’t worry, it proves that your body is working hard with a healing power. It usually lasts two to three days, at most one week.

If a positive reaction occurs, take plenty of room temperature water or hot water and rest your body slowly.