What is Lenorman Card Divination and What You Can Know

What is Lenormand Card and How to Read

The Lenormand Cartomancy is a fortune-telling (Divination) that uses cards like tarot to read. The designs of the cards are related to daily life and nature, such as the sun, moon, dog, house, book, ring and so on. One deck contains 36 cards. On this page you can learn about the history of the Lenormand Card divination, how to read it and the difference from Tarot.

The History of the Lenormand Card Cartomancy

The Lenormand card cartomancy spread to Europe from France and Germany in the late 1800s. The name “Lenormand” is named after Mademoiselle. Marie Anne Lenormand (1772-1843), a French female fortuneteller who worked during the 18-19th century. Mademoiselle. Lenorman gained fame during the Napoleonic era. She made a great success in Paris. It’s said that she read cards for important people during the French Revolution and she was also an adviser to Napoleon’s first wife, Empress Joséphine. The cards were originally used for both playing card games and fortune-telling. The current form of the Lenormand card was made after her death.

What You Can Know from Lenormand Cards

From the Lenormand card reading, you can see about the past, present situation and future. It is used to predict what will happen, what the relationship will be, what the job will be like, and what life will be developed in the future. Also, if you are having trouble to choose A or B, you can see what will happen if you choose A and B, if you are wondering Yes or No, the card can also answer for you.
This cartomancy (fortune-telling) covers almost everything related to your life, such as love, work, life, family, people, friends, financial, health etc.
Everything you want to know and want to hear appears in the spread of the Lenormand cards. In addition, since the Lenorman card divination is also suitable for practical things, the effect of the cards  can be greatly applied to clear questions rather than vague questions. Cards will be chosen by your energy based on your intuition and will also reveal potential messages that you have not yet noticed, so you will discover new things.

How to Read Lenormand Cards

It’s possible to be read from just one card, and the biggest spread is called the Grand Tableau. For further spreads, menu and price, please read the link below.

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What is the difference from the Tarot cards?

One of the major differences from the tarot is that with Lenormand doesn’t use the “upside down” reading like tarot (although some people integrate this), the reverse position is not used in Lenormand card reading. The designs of the cards are based on around our world, like nature, animals, persons, so that you can relate yourself with cards easier.

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