Card Reading and Massage Combination

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The ultimate healing treatment which heals both your mind and body, combining aroma lymph drainage and cartomancy (lenormand card reading / oracle card reading).

The following 5 courses are all combined.
* Aromatherapy
* Lymph drainage
* Counseling
* Reiki
* Card Reading (Lenormand or Oracle Cards)

You can chose the order (the card-reading first or later). We will find a solution about your concerns and worries, I use the professional listening skills and listen to your stories attentively with compassion. We decide the aroma according to your concern or feelings of the day.

Lymph drainage is a slow and gentle massage that activates the flow of lymph to flush out unwanted substances and waste. It’s effective for detox, diet, slimming, fatigue recovery, good sleep, relaxation, immunity enhancement, anti-aging and other more.

Learn more about lymph drainage

We use only the highest quality oils which are 100% natural and safe.

In addition, I also use Usui Reiki, which lets the flow of energy improve and make the treatment effect doubled. Your body and mind are always connected.

Why not heal both of your body and mind after working so hard every day?

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