Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Reading (Angel Card Reading)

The reading uses Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards. Just like angel cards, the cards show what you need right now. It contains a message that will allow you to be aware of what happens by chance, synchronicity, and open the door to your infinite possibilities. This is a perfect fortune-telling method for those who want some messages or advice right now.

What You Can Know from Oracle Card Reading

Unlike Lenormand Card Divination, Oracle Cards contain a direct message for you. Some call these messages from an angel, from God or from the higher self. It tells you exactly what you need. Every message the card gives is warm and positive. No negative cards are included, so you can relax to receive a message from the guide shown on the card. Any questions can be asked for this reading.

Oracle Card Reading

The Oracle card adopts the method of fortune-telling by drawing only one card, three or five cards. You’ll find what you need to heal, obstacles which you’re blocking, what’s to come, what your message from the soul, and much more. Each card has its own question, so thinking about it can help you gain new realizations, unblock and move forward. It is also recommended for those who like spirituality, who are interested in souls and guides, and messages from guardians who are always protecting you.

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