What is REIKI?

Reiki is a word from the pre-Edo period that means cosmic energy. It is called Chi (ki) in China, Mana in Hawaii, and Prana in India. Everything in the universe, including us, is believed to be created and utilized by Reiki. Reiki is full of nature around us, and the autoimmune and healing powers we have are supported by Reiki. Therefore, if we can ingest and flow Reiki, we can keep our mind and body healthy.

When Reiki fills the body, the body’s natural autoimmunity is enhanced, various illnesses are improved, and the mental state becomes calm. Physical fatigue, mental fatigue, and stress can make you sick and manifest as a disease. The sickness gathers in the stagnant place. It is also said that negative energy (waves) attracts negative effects.

Reiki is always flowing through our bodies, whether we recognize/know it or not.



Reiki healing (Reiki therapy) is a therapy performed with your hands in place and is said to have existed before the Edo period.

In the old days, people knew that they were coming out of their hands. We all know this instinctively, putting your hand on your head when your head hurts, or your stomach when your stomach hurts. Instinctively we know that energy (chi) comes out of our hands and can relieve pain.

Reiki healing is completely different from Qigong, in that the practitioner does not create qi and sends it to the opponent, but rather sends qi that is originally flowing to the practitioner as a pipe to improve the flow of Chi, which is better. This is a therapy that enhances the self-healing power originally possessed.

In the 1920s, Mitsuo Usui created a system called “Usui Reiki Therapy” that anyone could use. After that, the Usui-type Reiki became extinct due to the war, but during that time, the technology of the Usui-type Reiki was transmitted overseas. In the 1980s, he returned to Japan again in the form of reimports and continues to this day. Therefore, there are two types of Usui Reiki, Japanese style and Western style, but RicoBel adopts both styles.

Reiki regulates the functions of the immune system, autonomic nervous system, and hormonal system, and acts not only on the body but also on the mind (mental and emotional), so that moods become positive, anxiety is resolved. It also has the effect of calming the mind by eliminating things. Reiki heals both mind and body.

In Japan, less people know about Reiki than in Europe and the United States, but in the United States, many doctors, nurses, and people at Harvard University related hospitals are qualified for Reiki therapy, which has the effect of accelerating the recovery of surgery. There are many doctors who use Reiki in their treatment.

Medical colleges in the United States and the United Kingdom can find a lot of Reiki therapy classes, and in the UK it is recognized that Reiki therapy applies to health insurance.


RicoBel’s Reiki

As I received Usui-style Reiki attunement (reiki instruction to open Reiki’s circuit), the treatment uses Usui-style Reiki (both Japanese and Western style).

At Aroma Lymph Drainage, I use the Reiki from my hand as it is to massage, so you can get a gentle warm and comfortable massage sensation. It is effective for both mind and body, because it is a treatment that improves the flow of energy.

If you prefer, do your hand on your head and neck for the first 5 minutes of the procedure to improve your feelings. By applying Reiki to make you feel better, the synergistic effect of massage is so great as to be incomparable. I of course will ask you before starting the treatment.

Reiki is invisible, so it’s natural that some people can’t believe this. Reiki doesn’t work for people who don’t believe in it (because it blocks the energy), so please don’t worry, we never force any treatment if you don’t feel comfortable.

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